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Elisa-Colette Chéradame is a french film director and artist based in Los Angeles. 


Her work emphasizes the mechanics of the human mind, its perception and the constant movements between intellect and visceral. It analyses the logic of images as well as experiment with what interferes and affects the brain and its influence on behaviors and personal construction.


After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts, with highest honors from École Supérieur d'Arts et Médias Caen/Cherbourg, while following an undergraduate program of Cinema at Caen University, she moves to Baltimore, United-States, to be part of the filmmaking department of MICA/JHU, Maryland Institute College of Art and Johns Hopkins University.

The following year, she graduates with a Master of Fine Arts, with highest honors, and moves to Prague, Czech Republic to enter the directing program at FAMU, Film Academy of Performing Arts, from which she graduates in 2018. 


She keeps collaborating with filmmakers, artists, fashion designers, musicians, DJs, and different institutions to broaden her horizons and professionalism. She has experience with fiction and documentary productions, cinemas, theatres, advertisements.


She collaborated with American, Dutch, Czech and French institutions like UCLA, WORM Rotterdam, Kino Pilotů, la Maison de la Recherche en Sciences Humaines (MRSH), la Maison de l’Image de Normandie, l’Institut Mémoires de l’Édition Contemporaine (IMEC), Le Café des Images and La Comédie de Caen and performed as a creative director for various brands like Benefit Cosmetics, Mazda, Levis, Ipsos, BP, Care Credit, etc.

Her master’s thesis, titled: From Person to Persona, Experiencing, along with her Master’s exhibition, explored this last concept through four chapters: 1. The Mirror, The paradoxical position of the viewer in front of a filmed subject. 2. Several people in the same body of the film, Different layers of experience in the form of relationship. 3. Temporal space travels, Willingness of the filmmaker. 4. From the screen to the reality, Willingness of “the thing”.



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